Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We went camping as a family at Cherry Creek State Park for 2 days and had so much fun.  The campsite was only 15 minutes from our apartment and had flushing toilets, win!  The kids had a blast playing in dirt and eating lots of junk food :).

Eating Little Caesar's pizza for dinner

Jaxson and Kiah loved sleeping in their sleeping bags and slept so good! 

We saw this elk while driving around our campground and the kids loved watching him

Going on a hike

I love how messy she always was


Eating breakfast and drinking hot chocolate

Kiah found the winter hat I brought for her just in case it was freezing and insisted on wearing it even though it was in the upper 70's

I introduced the kids to a family favorite of mine, Don't Eat Pete.  They loved it, especially the eating the M&M's part.

Trying to take a family selfie :)

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