Sunday, October 23, 2016

Flat Acres Farm Fall Festival

The kids and I went to a really fun fall festival with my friend Kim and her girls.  It was great weather and they had lots of fun activities. 

Jaxson and Wendy loved leading the way through the hay bale maze

Playing cornhole

It took us longer to get around this way, but we were able to keep all of the kids together :)

The kids loved the inflatable slides and trampoline

Petting a fluffy rabbit in the petting zoo

I have seen pictures of kids in corn kernel pits and have always wanted to take my kids to one, but have never been able to find one.  I think this was the favorite attraction of the whole festival!  The kids loved playing in the corn :).

The last thing we did was pick out mini pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.  We had such a great time, but by the end the kids were hot and tired and ready to go home :).

Grandma and Grandpa Cook Visit and Tyson's Triathlon

In September Tyson competed in his first ever Triathlon!  The same weekend Jaxson was in his first primary program.  Becky and Cory flew in for the fun filled weekend and we had a blast.

It was so fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Cook in town for Jaxson's first primary program.  He did great with his line ("The scriptures are the word of God"), but towards the end he started breaking down and was very emotional because he thought it was going to last forever :).

The kids loved pillow fighting and wrestling with Grandpa

The traditional Pecan Sandies with Grandpa. 

Rockie's Game

Tyson and Jaxson went to the Rockies vs Giants game on Labor Day.  Jaxson had a blast watching the game, eating ice cream, and riding the train to the ball park.