Thursday, April 30, 2015

Random in April

This girl loves banana and avocado, and I love her messy goofy face :)

Scrambled eggs were a success

These kiddos love bath time together, especially with bubbles!

Cute Sunday outfit

Kiah has mastered downward dog

Enjoying crepes for Easter breakfast

Sibling love

Now that Kiah is crawling, she makes a beeline for all cords and anything she isn't supposed to get ahold of :)

Swinging at the park

Digging with dad

Loving the sand

Making energy bites with my boy

We found a fun mirror at the library

I made this book bag (with a little bit of Jaxson's help:)) to take to the library

"Grandma is my Favorite"

Having fun with the old printer before we took it to recycling

Pretending to put on mascara with a bobby pin

We've been making smoothie pops and Jaxson is a huge fan

We played with shaving cream one day while Kiah was napping, Jaxson loved it!

Swinging at a friends house

Playing with ice on the back porch

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Arbor Day-Planting a Tree

To celebrate Arbor Day, Parker Parks and Recreation hosted a tree planting event at a local park.  We went as a family and helped a few other people we knew plant a tree.  The kids had fun playing outside and helping a little :).

Kiah-9 Months

So technically Kiah is 9 1/2 months, but better late than never :).  Kiah is such a joy in our lives, here are some of the reasons we love our baby girl this month...

  • She is super interactive, smiling and talking to us all the time
  • She learned how to crawl and now she is unstoppable
  • She has 5 teeth in and 3 more coming in on top
  • She loves pretty much all food.  Her favorites are banana, bread, eggs, and black beans.
  • Her favorite times are bath time, mealtimes, and when Jaxson runs into her room (the guest bathroom at the moment) after naptime
  • She weighs 18 lbs and is 27 in. long


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Denver Botanic Gardens

We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens with friends.  They had so many beautiful flowers and a really fun kids area with dirt and a little river to play in. We all had a lot of fun!