Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We went to the children's museum at Thanksgiving point with my dad.  The kids (and adults) loved the music room.

Making cool shapes on the kaleidoscope

Playing in the earthquake zone

We went to a fun little pond to feed the ducks

Jaxson would alternate between feeding the ducks and feeding himself the "delicious bread" aka hot dog buns :).

And of course Jaxson and Kiah cannot be close to water without getting in the water, no matter how gross it may look.

Picking grapes

Uncle Andrew has a pet snake.  We went over to his house for breakfast and Jaxson was so brave to let the snake be around his neck!  Kiah wouldn't even go in the same room as the snake.

Jaxson was so thrilled to be playing uncle Andrew's drums and to be making lots of noise.  Kiah was making her own noise in the background :).

Playing a kazoo and shaking an egg

The kids love kitty Jupiter!  He was never super cuddly with them, but they enjoyed playing with him and trying to avoid his sharp teeth.

Playing at discovery park in Pleasant Grove

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