Wednesday, October 12, 2016


We went to the Fort Collins Temple open house as a family.  It was a wonderful experience to share with the kids.  Jaxson was very reverent and in awe, Kiah thought the baptismal font was a hot tub :). 

Making brownies together

Enjoying some muddy buddies after they helped me make them

Tyson took Jaxson on his first father's and son's campout and he had a blast! 

Kiah and I stayed home and had a girls night in

I love these two :)

Kiah has been very against wearing pants lately.  Sometimes she refuses to wear a shirt as well, but I draw a line at the diaper :).

This is definitely not allowed, we just let it slide for 10 seconds so we could take a picture to put in his wedding video :).

Kiah's been back and forth on the whole potty training thing.  I guess she was just practicing for when she actually uses the toilet.

Jaxson planted some sugar snap pea seeds in primary and was so excited to see them sprouting up a week later

This has been all to common lately.  Being 2 has been hard on Kiah.

Trying to clip fingernails

This boy has amazed me at how brave he has become lately.  He loves trying new things and doesn't think twice about climbing as high as he can.

Cute girl, grumpy face

We learned about fire safety in preschool and did the baking soda vinegar experiment, the kids loved it.

They also loved playing in shaving cream :).

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