Monday, September 28, 2015


While we were camping we went on a hike.  Tyson's family has been doing this hike since he was little, and have pictures throughout the years sitting on these trees called tortured shapes.  Jaxson of course brought his magnifying glass and loved running and exploring on the trail.

Looking at a fuzzy caterpillar they found

Jaxson walked for most of the 1.25 miles, but was getting pretty tired towards the end :)

Kiah fell asleep on Grandpa towards the end of the hike

Jaxson showing off his strong muscles :)

Bear Lake

On our camping trip we spent a day at Bear Lake.  The kids loved the sand and the water.  Every time I turned around Kiah had sand on some part of her body, usually her mouth :).  We rented a boat with a tube.  They forgot to put the plug in our boat so it filled with water as we were trying to drive it.  Because of the problem, they let us use a smaller boat, jet ski's, and a paddle board.  Despite the boat problems, it was a great day on the lake!

Jaxson's favorite part was driving the boat with Grandpa.  He said he was a crazy driver :).

 Jaxson wanted to try jumping into the lake, but the deep water was a lot colder than the shallow water he had played in earlier.

Tyson, Kenna, and Tom on the tube


We met my family at the beach the next day for a little Sawyer family reunion.  It was a bit windy and cold, but we still had fun :).
 Jaxson rode the jet ski with Grandpa Baseball and had a blast doing donuts and going fast.


At the end of August, we met Tyson's family at Sunrise Campground by Bear Lake to go camping for 4 days.  We had so much fun and the kids did excellent!  They had so much fun playing outside, getting dirty, and eating marshmallows :). 

We stopped at Little American on the way and let the kids play

Hanging out in the camping trailer because it was raining  

Jaxson almost never put his magnifying glass down.  He loved exploring!

Kiah and Ian playing on the tarp because the ground was muddy in the morning

Tom was on the other side, Kiah and Ian loved being tossed around

We had plenty of food, she just wanted to be one with nature :)

Kenna and Ky
Laura, Tom, Ian

The kids loved sleeping in a tent, they did great!


My family was at the cabin for the weekend, so we were able to stay with them and have a short visit when we were done camping.

Jaxson fell many times while camping and would jump back up, brush off his hands and say "oh boy!"  I thought we were going to leave the trip owie free until he ran into a tree at the cabin.  I guess with boys you can never escape the bandaids :).