Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Children's Museum and Water Fun

 They really love painting this messy cow :).

Jaxson was so brave and climbed to the top of the climbing tower and figured out how to get down by following the lead of the other kids going down.  He was so proud!

My cute little firefighter

We went to the splash pad on a rather cool and windy day, but the kids got soaked and had a blast :). 

Kiah loves her "Mimi"

Playing in the water at the sand bar after a walk in the hot sun

Playing at Centennial Center Park splash pad

We found a great reservoir near our house and the kids had a blast playing in the sand and shallow water

Monday, July 25, 2016

It's A.....

We are having another baby!  I am due December 12 2016 and we couldn't be happier.  It is so fun sharing this with Jaxson who is so aware this time around and so excited to meet his new sibling.  Kiah joins in on the excitement, but she also thinks she has a baby in her tummy :).  We found out this week that we are having another GIRL!  We tried to get some cute pictures with Jaxson and Kiah holding hands, but they are goobers so we used a feet picture for our announcement :).

Kiah's 2 Year Temple Pictures

We tried to go to the temple the Sunday before Kiah's birthday.  The temple was closed for 2 weeks for cleaning, but we didn't think the grounds would be too.  Jaxson was pretty disappointed we couldn't go in, he even kept trying to find ways he could sneak in.  We went back yesterday, got Kiah's pictures, and had a lovely walk around the beautiful temple.

Two Years Old-One Year Old
I can't believe how much my sweet little Kiah girl has grown in a year!  I loved that squishy little baby, and I love this sweet and sassy toddler :).

Monday, July 18, 2016

Kiah's Birthday

We had an amazing day celebrating our Kiah girl's birthday on Monday!  We started the day out with balloons and streamers all over the apartment.  When Kiah woke up she said "Kahki's birt-day!?"  Tyson stayed home for breakfast and ate chocolate chip waffles with us then the kids and I spent the day playing things Kiah wanted to play.  Tyson brought pizza home for dinner, then we made cookies together, opened presents, then ate cookies and ice cream for her birthday dessert.  She loved blowing out the candle so much that Tyson re-lit it about 10 times and she blew it out with excitement each time.  I think Kiah was so excited about her birthday because Jaxson was so excited and she knew something special was going on :). 

Jaxson loved helping Kiah open presents


Half of the time I asked Kiah to smile, she gave me a kissy face or this nasty face

Grandma Cook made Kiah this super cute apron!  Kiah loves it and was excited to wear it to make her birthday cookies.

Opening presents :)

Grandma Bliss and Grandpa Baseball got her some dress up clothes, she loves them!

Flying like a butterfly

Haha, I think she was trying to smile with a bite of cookie in her mouth :).

Oh how we love our sweet Kiah girl!  She is so sassy and sweet, all at the same time.  She gives the best hugs and kisses.  She's starting to say I love you back when we say it, and is quick to apologize when she has done something wrong.  She calls herself Kahki and her brother Jaxsi.  She talks in a sweet little voice unless you get on her bad side, then she unleashes her awful scream.  She loves animals and being outside.  She calls all of the colors blue, but can get pink and purple right occasionally.  We sure love this amazing 2 year old and are so grateful for her in our family!