Monday, September 12, 2016

Bear Lake

The start of our Utah trip was at the cabin in Bear Lake.  The beach was a bit chilly, but we had fun playing in the sand and riding the kayaks.  The kids loved playing outside of the cabin as well.  Rocks, dirt, sticks, they were in heaven :).

 My favorite site during the 9 hour drive

Being silly with stickers to pass the time

Kiah and Grandma Bliss had the same color toes!

Kiah was a bit of a grump at the beach, but loved riding in the kayak.  She never really smiled, but when my mom would ask if she wanted to go back to mom or stay in the green boat she would say "green boat"  :).

Jaxson riding with Uncle Andrew

Jaxson out on the inter tube with Aunt Shea

Jaxson loved collecting seashells for the cabin

Feeding the kids Cheetos when their hands were all wet

Tammy and I on the paddle board

Grandma Bliss and Tammy on the paddle board (after my mom knocked Tammy in the water trying to get on :))

The kids had a blast throwing water balloons off the cabin deck

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