Monday, December 28, 2015

Random in November

My handsome boy ready for church

I love these two so much!!!

Playing with their food :)

When Kiah is really mad she will bite anything she can, even the glass door...

I trusted this little stinker with pens in his room during quiet time, that won't happen again for awhile :)

They love to make a path with these mat puzzle pieces

I love watching them read

Kiah's shocked face

Jaxson's reward for filling out his "I will listen the first time" chart

Decorating our thankful tree

Sometimes we play with snow on the kitchen floor because mom doesn't like the cold

I made that Bronco's ear warmer!

Making Thanksgiving Turkeys out of Oreo's and Candy, they didn't last long :)

Playing at the mall

Goofy girl

Playing in their "boats"

Hiding from the storm

Sometimes Jaxson takes hundreds of pictures on my phone and I love it when I come across a selfie :)

Goofy boy

Playing in the Snow Thanksgiving Week

While we were in Grand Lake we had so much fun in the snow, I had to make a whole post about it!


Snow shoeing with my mom, dad, and Kamo

Grandma Bliss and Kiah taking a walk in the snow

Playing at a snow covered park

Andrew and Jaxson sledding down the hill

Jaxson feeding Shea some snow