Wednesday, September 7, 2016


We love our yearly tradition of going to Lagoon with the Cook's.  Jaxson was so brave this year and went on some pretty big rides and loved it all!  The only down side to the day was that Tyson's phone fell out of his pocket while he was riding Wicked.  It turned up in lost and found but was completely shattered and unusable.  Maybe he'll have to wear a fanny pack next year :).

Jaxson was so excited and happy the whole day :)

Jaxson went on the Dinosaur Drop last year and was terrified.  He cried the whole time.  This year it was the first ride he wanted to go on.  He was so brave but said to Tyson as they went up "I guess I shouldn't have picked this ride!"  He closed his eyes most of the time, but had a blast and even went on Lady Bug drop later with Grandpa.

Kiah's favorite ride was the Carousel  

She was thrilled when she got to ride the kitty

Riding on the Helicopter ride

We broke the day up with some swimming at Lagoona Beach

Jaxson loved this rocket ride, mainly because it had a gun that made a buzzing sound when he pushed the button :)

Kiah gave it a go too and loved it

I was so nervous that Kiah was going to fall out of this ride, so I asked Jaxson to hold her hand if she got scared.  When they came around the first time they were holding hands and for a month after Kiah would say "Scared...Jaxsie hold hand!"

The kids loved this cute little car ride and rode it a few times

Stopping for some food with Dad

Kiah and I rode the Teacups for our last ride while the boys did the Sky Ride

Ending a great day with a funnel cake

The kids had another great run at Lagoon and lasted from open to close.  Kiah didn't even take a nap, but fell asleep as we walked back to our car :).

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