Monday, June 16, 2014


I have taken a few pregnancy pictures this go around, I just haven't been good about putting them on the blog, so here they are...

Somewhere in the second trimester

Starting the third trimester

35 weeks, 5 to go!

This ultrasound was at about 20 weeks, when we found out we are having a girl!

Random in May

I decorated a few balloons with different faces, it was a big hit

Jaxson loves to drink the milk from the bowl after he is done eating his cereal

Jaxson was trying to be like daddy and do P90X, I don't think he's doing it right :)

He wanted to be like his friend Jemma and wear a headband :)

We went to this cool trampoline place called Jump Street.  Jaxson had fun on the tramp and blow up slide. 
Mother's day!  It snowed in May!

I love my boy!!!

We went to a friends house for Mother's Day dinner and Jaxson fell down the stairs while riding a toy car.  But He's still a happy boy even with a scuffed up face :)

Piggy face on the glass door, ignore my reflection :)

Jaxson loves wearing a baseball cap because it is a "hat like daddy"
Jaxson started running from us while we were shopping, so Tyson stuck him in a shopping cart :)

I think the sorting and lining stuff up stage has begun...

Jaxson and Daddy in the crib!


Water Fun

Jaxson loves water in all forms!  Here are pictures of some fun we've been having with water lately.

Dumping water from one container to another can keep him busy for an hour :)

Crazy bubble head!

There was a giant puddle at the park that Jaxson loved to run through.  He was soaked by the time we went home, so he had a no pants stroller ride :)
Getting ready to go swimming at the clubhouse pool

Bubbles are close to water right?  We play with bubbles almost every day, he loves them!

Colorado Springs

We have been blessed to live so close to family!  Here are some pictures of some recent visits to Colorado Springs to visit Ann and Sterling and the Bush family.

Swinging with cousin Jillian

Jaxson loves the Bush's dog, Turk 

Jaxson was letting Uncle Chris hold him!  Either he's getting better at letting other people hold him, or it was really late and he was delirious :)

Jaxson loves playing with Emily

Saying goodbye to the Bush family.  We will miss them but are excited for their new adventures in NC!

We went on a hike close to Garden of the God's.  We stopped at a ranch to look at some animals

Walking with Aunt Annie

Estes Park, CO

In May my parents met us in Estes Park for a weekend.  We stayed at the Worldmark condos and had a blast.  Jaxson loves his grandparents!

Eating Grandma and Grandpa's road trip treats :)

Enjoying the Jazz Festival
We went on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The trail was completely snow covered and slippery.  It was so beautiful and fun.

They couldn't find any rocks, so they were throwing sticks into the lake