Monday, June 24, 2013

More Pictures From Utah.....The Cooks

Jaxson and I spent the last few days of our Utah vacation at Tyson's parents house.  Tyson flew out for the weekend and flew home with us :).  We love Grandma and Grandpa Cook!

 Visiting Great-Grandma Cook

Going for a walk.  Grandpa was pulling Jaxson backwards so the sun wouldn't be in his eyes.

 Still not sure what to think of the grass :)

 Watering the garden with Grandpa

 Reading the scriptures with Grandpa :)

Summer haircut!

Eight Months

Jaxson is eight months old!  We cannot believe how fast he is growing and how much he is learning.  He is such a sweet little guy, we just love him so much!  Here are some of the reasons we love our baby this month...  
  • He makes noises that sound like ma-ma and da-da
  • He crawls everywhere and is pretty quick about it
  • When Tyson comes home from work he looks up from his toys, smiles a big toothy grin and crawls his little self over to his daddy :)
  • He has 7 teeth (3 on bottom and 4 on top) and knows how to use them
  • He can pull himself into a standing position-some of his favorite places are the couch, rocking chair, his crib, and the tub
  • He is eating finger foods and loves to feed himself rice puffs
  • He loves to throw his head back and hit whatever is there....the wall, the couch, a cupboard, mommy or daddy...
  • He loves to bang his toys on the ground and throw them all over the place

Behind the scenes

Jaxson did rather well this time, didn't even get mad.  He did find his monkey though and the 8 Months paper and I had to distract him with other toys and try to take a picture at the same time :).

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Fun Weekend in June

Since Tyson has started his internship in May, we have realized that weekends can be fun again!  This past weekend we went hiking, swimming, and golfing.  And there's a few random pictures thrown in :).

Practicing the hiking backpack while making dinner

 Brushing teeth with daddy :)

 Getting ready to go on a hike

Don't worry they weren't really falling, just posing :)

It was so nice in the evening.  A perfect time to play outside!


 Jaxson still doesn't like to sit on grass, but he loves to pull it....and eat it....

 Jaxson figured out how to pull himself up on things!  "I knew you were trouble when you walked in"......

Fun at the Sawyer's

Jaxson and I got to stay at my parents house for a whole week.  Aunt Annie and Andrew came for a few days for Braden's graduation.  It was fun to see everyone and hang out.

 Playing with Camo, but this time Camo is keeping his distance from the hair pulling little munchkin :)

Yes, that is Uncle Andrew with a horse head....

 Playing outside while Aunt Shea mows the lawn for the first time

 Such a big boy standing up!

 Playing with shoes is more fun than baby toys :)

Me and my momma :)

My family went up to my Grandma and Grandpa Sawyer's grave on Memorial Day.  Together Forever :)