Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We bought some fun stamping kits from the dollar store.  I thought it would be a good independent activity while I laid down for a minute, WRONG!  (I'm pretty sure Jaxson contributed by putting the stamp on her forehead).

We found a fun new park with a creek and a splash pad.  Jaxson surprised me by going through the big fountains and getting soaked.

We bought Kiah a coat second hand and they had to try it on to see who it fit better :)

We always love a fun day at the Children's Museum

Silly faces at breakfast

Silly kids dressed up for church

We went on a bug hunt for preschool.  We lucked out and found a bunch of ants munching on some spilled popcorn.

Kiah loves her rain boots even though they are 3 sizes too big :)

The kids love riding the carousel at the zoo

It was a rainy day at the zoo, but we found some relief in the Tropical Discovery looking at the fish and reptiles.

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