Saturday, February 27, 2016


We spent the second half of our Christmas vacation at the Cook's.  Here's all the pictures from before and after Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Sibling dinner at The Garden

On their way to dinner before the lights

Eating dinner before seeing the lights

On Temple Square to see the lights

Cousins playing

Playing basketball at the church

Making a blanket fort with Grandpa

Making Christmas treats with Grandma

Playing on Grandma's new rocking horse

Playing with her new baby from Kenna

Jaxson loved playing Super Smash Brothers

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


We had a wonderful time in Utah for our Christmas vacation.  The first part of the trip was spent at my parents house in Lehi.
Reading about the nativity story on our long drive to Utah

Reading books with Grandma :)

Snuggling on Grandma's bed

Kiah discovered chocolate pudding and insisted on feeding herself

Making a ginger bread house with Aunt Shea

The kids love Hank!

Playing with Grandpa

Playing on the rocking horse

Messy hair don't care :)

We opened presents early with my family and Jaxson was a little more than thrilled :)

Jaxson loves Paw Patrol and loves this new pillow from Uncle Andrew!

Chillin on her new sleeping bag

My siblings went in on this gigantic tub of Nutella for us!

Opening the sign we had our brother and sister-in-law make for my parents

We went to see Andrew and Braden's new house and eat pizza!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Random in December

Decorating for Christmas.  I think the longest these nativity blocks stayed upright was 10 minutes :)

Fixing the chairs together

My sweet messy eater

Spinning ornaments at the ward Christmas party
Meeting Santa.  The only way Kiah would go is with me.

My handsome boy
Trying on mom's boots

Playing "straight as a board" with daddy

Coloring with bath crayons

She was terrified of the bubbles

Making snowman art

Me and my little man at the zoo

Checking out the gorillas

Playing with his friend Wendy

I took this picture as Jaxson was telling my friend Kim "I have almonds in my pocket" :)
Jaxson said he wanted to eat breakfast next to Kiah because he loves her :)

Goofy kids

Goofy girl :)

Making sugar cookies to give to neighbors.  Yes that's a dinosaur cookie cutter in the mix :)
These pictures makes it seem like Jaxson was a perfect angel making cookies, but the rest of the pictures are the reality :)

Working on a Christmas gift for Grandma's and Grandpa's

Being silly with pipe cleaners

Kiah was pretty excited about wearing matching hats with Jaxson

Sometimes Kiah likes to antagonize Jaxson, I really didn't think it would start this early :)

It's been nice that Kiah is becoming an independent eater, but the clean up is a little messy

This girl doesn't mess around when it comes to eating donuts

The kids got to open some presents early so we didn't have to take as much to Utah.  This is a box of instruments because we don't have enough noise around here :)

They also got a toy kitchen and are in heaven!

My little cheeser

 My little cheeser in her coat for Kenna and Ky's wedding