Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our New Home

We recently moved to Golden, CO so Tyson can go to grad school at CO School of Mines.  We found an apartment that is close enough to campus for Tyson to bike, and it's a great little home for us :).  Here are some pictures of our new home....

 Dining room area and view of the front door

View when you walk into the apartment

Very small bathroom

Vanity outside of the bathroom

Kitchen...smaller than what we're used to :)

Living room
We are on the 4th floor and have a great view of the pond area outback, but I forgot to take a pic :)


Baby's room...I'm waiting for Grandma Zee to come the end of Sept. to bring all my fun baby things :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boating at Bear Lake

While we were camping at Bear Lake, we spent a day out on the lake boating with ski's and a tube.  Everyone made it up on the ski's (except the pregnant lady of course :)) and we had a blast the whole day.

On the boat...


These next few pictures may seem strange, and they are, but here is the jist of the conversation going on..."It's not a 2 person tube!"  "Yes it is!"  "No!"  "It IS a 2 person tube!"  "SLASH"  :)

Water Skiing...

 Hanging out at the beach

Camping at Bear Lake

With Tyson's side of the family, we went camping at Bear Lake for a few days.  Camping while 7 months pregnant is not the most comfortable thing, but it was fun!

One of the nights, we went to the Pickelville Playhouse for dinner and to watch "The Hanging of Jaunito Bandito".....I don't think any of us stopped laughing the whole time, so funny!!!

One of the best parts of camping is all of the yummy food and sitting around the fire!