Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Petting Zoo

We went to a pumpkin patch that had a petting zoo.  Jaxson had a blast petting the animals and feeding the cows. 

Children's Museum, Fire Truck, and Reeses Birthday

We went to the Denver Children's Museum for the free night in October.  Jaxson had a blast on the fire truck, playing with the bubbles, and painting.  Kiah had a blast sleeping in her wrap :).


The kids and I went to the library one day and it happened to be fire truck day.  Jaxson loved being so close to a fire truck and sitting on it for a picture.
We went to a park in Golden for Reese's birthday.  We saw Parker, one of the kids I babysat.  It was fun to see these three 2 year olds together :).

Monday, October 27, 2014

Random From September

Here are our September pictures.

To infinity, and beyond!
Kiah smiles :)
...and stares
...and cross eyes
...and cute outfits

I love when these two "play" together :)

I made some moon sand type stuff with baby oil and flour.  Jaxson loved it!

She can wear clips in her hair without headbands!

She's so close to rolling!
I put this outfit on Jaxson and realized that it's time for me to go through his clothes to find some bigger ones :)

Jaxson loves Mickey Mouse! 

Random From August

I am very behind in my blogging, but at least I am doing it :).  Here are some random pictures from the month of August.

Jaxson loves to try to share his food and sippy cups with Kiah.  I just hope he feels the same way when she is able to accept his offers :).

I love when babies will sleep anywhere, anytime.

Playing with chalk for the first time.  I love our porch!

I love this picture of my boy at the splash pad!

I don't know what they were doing, but Tyson kept him busy with this for awhile.

We found a double stroller on craigslist.  We love it!

Summersaults in the crib!

One of my favorite newborn outfits

I just adore these two :)

Tyson was attempting to tell me something about work.  I'm pretty sure Jaxson was yelling "stop it!"

Jaxson lined up all of his cars and counted from 1-10 all by himself!

Helping himself to parmesan cheese.

Crib fort :)

We had dinner at a friends house and the boys ate at this cute little table and chairs.

Jaxson's friend Clayton had this awesome dinosaur Jaxson got to ride.

First official baby smiles!