Thursday, April 25, 2013

Six Months

Jaxson is 6 months old!!!  He is growing so much and learning so many new things.  We have so much fun with our little munchkin!  Here are some of the reasons we love our baby this month...

  • He weighs 19lb 9.5 oz and is 28.2 in long
  • He is rolling all over the place and can make some distance, slowly, but he sure is mobile
  • We have tried peas, carrots, squash, applesauce, peaches, and mashed banana.....peaches are his favorite
  • He has two little teeth on the bottom, and we didn't even know he was teething!
  • He smiles his big heart melting smile all the time and laughs when we least expect it
  • He has big blue eyes that capture anyones heart in seconds

Behind the scenes....
I have to put up some behind the scenes pictures because they crack us up.  As soon as we put the monkey down, that's all Jaxson could focus on.

Daddy trying to keep Jaxson from the monkey

Mommy trying to keep Jaxson from the monkey

Mad because we wouldn't let him have the monkey :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rolly Polly Jaxson

Jaxson has been rolling over both ways (back to stomach and visa versa) for about a week now.  He loves the new found freedom and sometimes won't stop going back and forth.  

I usually put Jaxson on his play mat to play with toys, but it is now to small and restricting with this new found mobility

Just an example of how Jaxson loves to stick everything he can find in his mouth :)

Getting stuck in his blanket

Our rolly polly little man!

Jaxon Has 2 Teeth!

Yes, our baby has teeth!  2 very small, very adorable teeth right on the bottom.  It's hard to get a picture of them, but here is some pictures of what he's been doing with his tongue since the discovery of the teeth.

Here's a cute picture of Jaxson and Maggie that I didn't know where else to put :)

Naked Baby

Jaxson loves to be naked-well in his diaper, otherwise it wouldn't be safe :).

Playing with a water bottle.  Apparently this is a very fun activity :). 

Randomness in March

I know it is April now, but here are some random pictures from March.  I'm behind, but at least I got them up :)

 Chillin in the sling.  A missing sock is a regular sight around here :)

 Trying to decide if he likes applesauce or not...

 I'd say not haha. 
 I think plain applesauce is too tart for him, but he likes it if we put some cereal and milk in it

 Yes that is a piece of celery, our baby seems to think it is the best thing ever when we let him chew on a piece

Jaxson's starting to be pretty mobile, especially in his crib.  He started out on his back with his head facing the opposite direction...this is how we found him 

Love this smile and love this kid!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Colorado Springs, Easter

We went to Colorado Springs two weekends in a row to visit family.  First, we went to Cousin Zach's hockey game.  The next weekend we went to the Campbell's for Easter Dinner.  We love being so close to family!

Zach was #9 on the yellow team

My handsome boys on Easter