Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

 After we did Christmas morning with my family, we headed to Tooele to have Christmas afternoon with Tyson's family.  Then in the evening we went to Ogden for Christmas dinner at Tyson's Grandparents house.

Christmas Pajamas 

Uncle Chris and Jaxson


Cousin Londyn holding baby Jaxson

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve, me, Tyson, and Shea slept in a fort Shea made in the bonus room, but we forgot to get pictures :(.  My sweet baby slept until 6:30, ate, then we were all ready for Christmas at 7.  We are so blessed that we get to spend this wonderful holiday with family.

 Jaxson was wide-eyed and ready for Presents!

 Apparently my dad and Braden thought 7 was a bit too early...

 New Pajamas!

The kids

The parents

Camo knew he got a bone even before he opened it!

Her expression was priceless when she opened her Japanese water ball from Grandma Zee

A new green sweater, and my sleeping baby in the back :)

The boys

My mom opening their gift from us, a family calendar

Tyson and I oohing and aahing over the baby food Grandma Zee made for us

Shea was sick Christmas morning, but she was a trooper!

Tyson had no idea he was getting these...there's some motivation to learn how to golf for ya!

Jaxson looking adorable in my/his new boppy :)

Christmas Eve

This year we had Christmas Eve at my parents house in Lehi.  My mom also had over some long time family friends, the Remsbergs, and a family in their ward that have 4 little kids.  We ate food, played games, sang carols, acted out the Nativity, and my dad shared a beautiful lesson about sharing the light of Christ.  It was a great night.

 My dad, Dallas Remsberg, and Jaxson

 Playing "The Box Game"

Jaxson playing baby Jesus for the Nativity

 Mary riding in on her donkey

Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, and a shepherd

 Braden trying to get Sophie, the cat

Family Christmas pictures
I can't get enough of this cute kid :)

Monkey Hat and Random Pics

Our family friend, Teresa Remsberg, gave Jaxson a sock monkey hat that she made.  It is so adorable!

 Cute picture of my mom and Jaxson, wearing his "My Grandma Knows Santa" shirt

Both of my boys intently watching a basketball game :)

 Baby's first banana...don't know how I feel about that...

Camo was so curious about the baby

 Bouncing the baby to keep him happy

 Cute family photo

Christmas Cookies and Ginger Bread Houses

 Making sugar cookies at the Cook's

Making gingerbread houses at the Cook's

City Skyline

 Tom made the Salt Lake Temple

 The finished products

Tyson and Shea made a gingerbread monster house :)