Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Easter Egg Hunts

We had four fun Easter egg hunts in March.  Our playgroup did one at a nearby park.  We had a family picnic and egg hunt at a park.  The Roundy's came to play and we hid eggs around the house filled with snacks.  Lastly we dyed eggs and then had an egg hunt at our apartment.  Their favorites were the ones with candy, but they had fun at all of them :).

The Butterfly Pavilion

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion with our good friends the Roundy's.  The kids loved looking at all the different  bugs and being so close to the butterflies.  The biggest butterflies were a little too friendly and kept landing on Jaxson's leg.  I was afraid he was going to step on them, but we made it out and the butterflies were all safe :).

Touching the starfish

Touching a worm

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Random in February

Planking on the toilet

Just trying to fit into a space she doesn't fit into :)

We tried painting in bags.  Jaxson enjoyed it, but Kiah was frustrated she couldn't get messy :)

Coloring with cars.  It didn't work as smoothly as I imagined, but the kids loved it.

Monkey face

Fish face

Tyson loves to build crazy train tracks for the kids, when I do it it's usually just a circle :)

Sometimes you go days without eating vegetables, then you grab a carrot straight from the bag and start munching...

Family movie night!  We love to pull Jaxson's mattress into the living room and pile it with pillows and blankets.

Ice cream sunday

Jaxson always complains about being itchy during haircuts, so Tyson tried something new :)

Checking out the Broncos practice facility, it's fun living so close.

Doing the splits

Kiah loves wearing her hat

Eating candy at the cub scouts Blue and Gold banquet 

Jaxson loved using the broom after the banquet

I love when they will sit and read books to themselves

Kiah already has an opinion on her outfits.  I had put on her sneakers but she took them off and demanded her fancy black shoes :)

His very first J's!

Sliding together

Pushing his sister in the swing

Playing with friends Tristan, Dixie, Parker, Jackson, and Edith