Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Utah-The Park

The kids and I were in Utah for most of the month of March.  Tyson drove us all there March 5th and stayed through the weekend.  The kids and I stayed for 2 weeks then flew home.  We had so much fun and I took a ton of pictures.  Both of our families have a park within walking distance.  Here are pictures from both those parks.

Could he be any cuter!?

Kiah tried out the swing for the first time and loved it! 

Grandma introduced Jaxson to the underdog.  He now endearingly calls it a "hotdoggy" :)

Grandma also taught him to do superman

We told Jaxson to pop his head out through the bars for a picture.  He got a little confused :).

He has had his finger up his nose a lot lately, and although it is quite annoying, it is kinda cute too.

I love how Shea and Jaxson are unknowingly making the same face in this picture


Kiah-8 Months

Kiah is at such a fun and interactive stage.  Here are some of the reasons why we love our sissypoo this month...

  • She has mastered going from her stomach to a sitting up position and visa versa
  • She can get around pretty quick by rolling and scooting backwards, though she still can't figure out moving forward yet
  • She makes gaga and dada sounds and still makes loud squeals and blows raspberries
  • She loves playing peekaboo with Jaxson and lightly bouncing on the tramp or in Jaxson's crib
  • Two more teeth came in on bottom, for a total of four teeth
  • She loves strawberries and puffs and has a distinct yell if her food is gone but she's not done yet

Random in February

Enjoying the beautiful Colorado sunshine

Playing with friends, Dixie and Emma

Sometimes Kiah's hair looks like something from a teenage boy band :)

Grandpa Cook came to Denver for work and was able to spend a few evenings with us.  Jaxson and Grandpa love sharing their pecan sandies on the kitchen floor :).

Teaching Kiah how to play the piano

Jaxson loves to feed Kiah, he's even got the open mouth instinct going on :).

Fat face!
Just hanging out while I do laundry