Friday, June 26, 2015

Utah Trip So Far

The kids and I have spent this past week with my family in Lehi.  Both kids got a cold, and Jaxson has had a stomach bug all week, but it has been nice to be with family! 

Saying goodbye to dad

Jaxson's traveling buddies

Kiah found herself a footrest for the drive

The first thing Jaxson wanted to do when we got there was go see the chickens

Taking Kamo on a walk

Shea and Braden took Jaxson out front.  I saw this picture on Face Book, but neither one of them know what's on his face...

Playing with kitty Muffin, and possibly eating cat food...
Jaxson and Kiah loved playing in the swimming pool out front

This is a family blog, so a picture of Jaxson skinny dipping is ok right?  :)

Jaxson loves Hank!

Sometimes he rides him like a horse :)

Jaxson loved playing "shooter gun" with Grandpa

We went to the Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point with my Dad and Shea

Kiah loves the stairs!  She's always so proud of herself when she sneaks past me and makes it up. 

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