Thursday, June 4, 2015

Random in May

Tyson wrapped Jaxson up in 3 blankets and rolled him around the house.  The challenge was for Jaxson to get out :).

Burrito boy!

Cute kids ready for church

Jaxson had a stomach bug for 4 days.  The only upside to a sick kiddo is all the snuggles :).

This girl can be so messy when eating, I love it :)

Peanut butter on a spoon :)

Cinco de Mayo themed Blue and Gold banquet for scouts

Tyson got a bike and has been riding to work a couple of days a week.  One day after Tyson got home from his ride, we were talking in the hall and Jaxson came in so proud of himself :).


I love how much hair Kiah has and have been trying some new fun hairstyles

He was terrified when I let go to take a picture, but he's so cute!

Diaper boy

Jaxson's friends Tom and Tristan are moving to Utah, so we had a little get together with a bunch of friends to say goodbye. 

I was helping Jaxson in the bathroom and thought to myself "Kiah is being so good and quiet in Jaxson's room."  When we went into the room we found Corona (diaper rash cream) everywhere.  I have a feeling Kiah's going to be my trouble maker...

Jaxson grabbed my phone while I was cleaning up and got a few pictures of the mess.  He also got a picture of himself in the nude in the mirror, but I won't put that one on here :).

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