Thursday, June 4, 2015

Birthday Parites and a New Bed

We went to a couple different birthday parties last month. 

Jaxson's friend Jackson turned 4 and had a Baymax party.  Jaxson LOVED the Baymax cupcake!
Our friend Parker turned one and his mom threw an awesome dinosaur party.  The kids got dinosaur tails, dinosaur eggs, and yummy blue cupcakes.

A couple of weeks ago I found an awesome twin bed at a garage sale for an awesome price.  Jaxson has done so well transitioning to a big boy bed and loves it!
At Ikea getting a mattress for Jaxson's bed.  Kiah loved lying on all of the beds and in the big basket of puppy stuffed animals :)

This picture is deceiving, but Jaxson loves his bed and always asks if he can sleep in it when I say it is time for bed or nap

The first couple of nights were rough with these party animals sharing room.  But they are getting used to it and are finally sleeping in past 7 again, most mornings :).
Playing with his friend Reese

They sat on Jaxson's bed and looked out the window and talked about what they saw to each other, it was cute :).

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