Saturday, June 20, 2015

Random in June

Jaxson LOVES playing in the rain

He was walking around like this for a good part of the morning talking gibberish.  I found out later he was "talking on the phone" to Grandma Bliss :).

Playing puppets with dad at the library

Trying on dad's hat

Playing at the park for Emma's birthday

Cleaning up the park with Emma and Dixie after it rained

Jaxson enjoyed this ice  cream cone very much :)

He looks so grown up!

Grandma Zee made these fun Mickey Mouse pillows for the kids

Grandma Zee gave Kiah this cute rocking chair for her birthday.  The kids love reading books in it.

We found a rolly polly bug on the porch

Playing at the park with Jackson Flowers
We went to the zoo with our friends Amanda and Sophia.  Jaxson is being silly with the Grizzly Bear.

Watching the gorillas eat their broccoli and lettuce

We rode the carousel for the first time, and the kids loved it!

Watching the elephant show

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