Monday, July 13, 2015


Tyson and I had the great opportunity to go to Ketchikan Alaska with my family while Grandma and Grandpa Cook watched the kids.  My mom and grandma lived there at different times in their lives, and it was really neat to go see this town that I had heard so much about.  Ketchikan is on an island in southeast Alaska and is on the coast and filled with beautiful forests and mountains.  We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

The view of Ketchikan from the airplane

The house we stayed at was awesome! 

The boat house Shea and Jade, "Shade", stayed in

On one side of the house is beautiful forest

On the other side is beautiful beach and ocean

Beach combing


Shopping on Creek Street

My mom, Andrew, and Tyson went salmon fishing for a few hours with a local fisherman.  They had a blast and caught 7 fish.

Andrew driving the boat

The fisherman threw some bait in the water and did an eagle call.  They saw this amazing eagle grab the bait from the water and circle overhead for awhile.

Tyson's big fish

Cleaning the fish

We went on a float plane ride over Misty Fjords to a glacier lake.  The sights below were breathtaking and it was an amazing experience.  Andrew and Shade went on the little white plane, while the rest of us flew on the bigger yellow plane.

It was my first time flying in a small plane, it was pretty crazy

Misty Fjords

Sibling love

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