Friday, December 5, 2014

Random from November

We made a visit to CO Springs to visit family and meet baby Landon, Jaxson and Kiah's 2nd cousin

Grandma Zee with her great grandchildren-Jaxson, Kiah, and Landon

This picture makes me laugh (Jaxson was not really elbowed in the face by Grandma Zee, as it appears :))

I love Landon's smile!

Kiah is a big fan of eating everything lately, even her dress

Jaxson taking a nap with his Minnie book :)

This grumpy face was right before we went to take pictures at the temple

We had Jaxson's friends Tom and Tristan over to make Turkey puppets

Cute smiley boy waving his turkey puppet around

Kiah is just the sweetest little thing!

One day at lunch Jaxson and I turned around to see this, Kiah rolled over!

We went to a friends house in 15 degree snowy weather.  It wasn't a long walk, and we got all bundled up to stay warm :)

Sometimes this is how we play blocks

Jaxson loves snow.  And I love little snow piles and 45 degree weather :)

Jaxson created this tool by himself.  It is a whisk shoved into a measuring cup and he calls it his sprayer.

We went to IHOP and ordered Jaxson a meal off the kids menu for the first time.  Needless to say, he devoured his pancakes :)

Jaxson was very proud of himself for making this belt out of a slinky

My sweet sweet Kiah girl

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