Tuesday, December 9, 2014

August Utah Trip-Cook's

These next three posts are way out of order, but I'm proud of myself for finally getting them up :).  In August we flew to Utah to spend a week with family.  This was when a lot of our family met Kiah. 

Jaxson loved being at the airport and watching the airplanes.  Both kids fell asleep and did well on the flight.

Kiah snuggles for Grandpa

We were able to attend Lake Point Days while we were in Utah.  Here we are at the parade.  Jaxson liked the noisy fire trucks and picking up candy :)

Jaxson loved the fishing game and played it several times

Ring toss with Grandpa

For some reason I thought it was ok for my 2 year old to throw a sharp pointy dart at a relatively small target...

...he actually popped a couple of balloons and got the dart in the above picture to stick.  And he didn't hit himself or anyone else!
Riding the "train" with dad


Tyson's family has a tradition of going up to Brighton every fall for breakfast and a walk around the lake. 

We went to Aunt Gaylyn's for dinner and smores

Uncle Tom with baby Kiah

Swinging with Uncle Chris

Jaxson loved the 4 wheeler and did not want to get off!
Visiting Great Grandma Cook


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