Tuesday, December 9, 2014

August Utah Trip-Sawyer's

Playing with baby Kiah :)

I don't know what's going on here, but I love Kiah's face :)

Again, the face :)

We had pictures taken at Camera Shy, and since it was mainly about Kiah Jaxson got to hang out in this awesome waiting room eating animal crackers and watching Mike and Sulley.
Piggy back rides with Shea

Riding the scooter like a big kid :)

Chatting on the porch

Shea has a love hate relationship with Jaxson's slobbery kisses
Jaxson loves the ranger
After a couple days in Lehi, we went up to the cabin in Bear Lake for the weekend.  We braved out the cold and wind at the lake, Jaxson had a blast!
Jaxson loves water, even when it is freezing!

He also loves sticks :)

Trying to knock down daddy's sand castle

Weirdo's :)
"Sleeping" in the hammock

Playing at the cabin all weekend is exhausting :)

Swinging with Grandpa Baseball

...and Kiah
Flying home.  We had to sit in two different rows because we each had a lap child.

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