Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mom And Shea Visit

My mom and Shea came to visit the weekend of my birthday.  They drove to CO with Grandma Zee, then flew home a few days later.  Andrew had come from Texas to drop some of his stuff off with Grandma Zee and made a surprise visit.  It was a great weekend!

Grandma Zee gave Jaxson 2 dollars for his 2nd birthday!

Jaxson got a strider bike from Grandma Bliss and Grandpa Baseball, he loves it!

It was in the 80's, so we took a walk to the sand bar

Tyson got me a keyboard for my birthday!  I've missed having a piano in our home, and I am so grateful for it!

...Jaxson loves it too :)

Girls shopping trip for my birthday!

It was such a fun weekend!  I'm grateful CO isn't that far from UT :)

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