Thursday, December 11, 2014

November Trip-Cook's

We are so blessed to be able to see both of our families when we come to Utah.  We had so much fun with everyone and are excited to turn around and do it again next week!
I'm pretty sure Grandpa's asleep too :)

Baby Kiah and Baby Ian
Baking Bread with Grandma


Playing bball at the church, Thanksgiving tradition

Grandma was on baby watch

It was so great to meet baby Ian.  Tyson and I are finally an Aunt and an Uncle!

Kiah is either helping Grandma play phase ten, or trying to figure out how to get those cards into her mouth :)

Jaxson giving Kiah a blankie ride

Getting ready for the turkey dance-a cook Thanksgiving tradition

Turkey photo bomb!

It was so nice while we were in Utah.  We were able to spend a lot of time outside.

Aunt Laura with baby Kiah

Thanksgiving dinner

Turkey bum! (Ian, not Tom :))

Cousins at the table

Eating Pie

He loved the whipped cream, but acted like the crust was poison :)

We went to a tree lot to get a Christmas tree.  Jaxson loved smelling the fresh pine and eating candy canes :).

Right after Tyson told Jaxson about the nativity, J threw a rock at the wiseman's head...oops :).

Helping Grandpa set up the tree

Helping Grandpa get ready to put lights up
Christmas baby!
Aunt Gaylynn came and took family pictures.  They turned out beautiful!

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