Saturday, June 11, 2016

Utah Visit-Sawyers

The kids and I went to Utah for almost two weeks.  We had so much fun with family.  The first half of the trip was spent at my parents house in Lehi.  We have so many fun pictures from the trip, I will break it up into a few blog posts :).

Jaxson fell asleep on me on the airplane during the worst turbulence I've ever felt.  When we landed, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to wake him up, but he finally came to and we made it to Grandma and Grandpa :).

Jaxson knocked Grandma Bliss over when he ran into her arms at the airport.  We were so happy to finally be on our Utah trip!

Riding in the convertible to get pedicures

One of our favorite parts about Utah was being able to play in the backyard so much.  The kids loved playing in the dirt, on the tramp, and with the chickens.

At church Jaxson fell asleep on my parents laps.  I love that he is clutching his little Book of Mormon (we cannot go to church without that thing or there will be a major melt down).

Reading books in her sun hat

Asking for more banana...

...while there is half a banana sticking out of her mouth :).

Kiah loves Camo, and he is so patient with the kids!

The kids loved getting eggs from the chickens.  I don't know how many eggs they cracked in the process, but they had fun :).

Sometimes you've got to mix things up and color on a squash

And all over your face.

Playing shooter gun with grandpa

Kiah was running for her life in this picture, and rightfully so.

Eating apple juice popsicles in the hot sun

Collecting eggs

Petting chickens

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