Friday, June 10, 2016

January Visit to Utah

We went back to Utah in January for Kenna and Ky's wedding!  It was such a beautiful ceremony and reception with such a beautiful couple!  We are so glad we could be with them for their special day.

Playing with Ian at the family dinner the night before the wedding

Getting all handsome

Three pretty girls ready to go to the wedding!

My mom and Grandma were awesome and watched Jaxson and Kiah while Tyson and I were in the sealing

The beautiful bride!

Such a beautiful couple!

The reception was a rustic theme and so beautiful and fun!

My kids were in heaven with the refreshments-hot chocolate, ice cream, and cookies!

Me and my sweet girl!

After Ky and Kenna's dance Ky danced with his mom and Kenna danced with her dad.  Partway through the dance the song changed and Kenna and Cory broke out into a choreographed routine, it was awesome!

After the wedding events we spent some time at my parents house.  Kiah loved playing with paly-doh.

Sterling and Ann were visiting, and I loved seeing these two reading on the couch!

Reading with Grandma

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