Friday, June 10, 2016


Somebody loved her chocolate pudding!

Coloring during General Conference

Eating "Polliwops" at the park with Reese

Pretending to be bears in the trees

Helping dad put the license plate on the Mickey Van

Pretending to be Samuel the Lamanite for Family Night

Playing at the park with Amelia who we babysit during the week

My beautiful blue eyed babies

We love to decorate boxes!

Playing with Reese at the Dino play area at the Cherry Creek Mall

We babysat for two families and this was the most peaceful moment of the evening :)

Jaxson is asleep in this picture.  It's funny when they can sleep in strange positions.

My siblings gave Tyson and I this huge tub of Nutella for Christmas.  It only took us 4 months to finish it!

I painted Kiah's toes for the first time in over a year and she chose pink for one foot and purple for the other :)

Being a fireman at the children's museum

Lunch date at Wendy's!  The kids loved their Frosty's!

Just doing some Yoga :)

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