Friday, June 10, 2016


Playing airplane with Dad

We started a countdown chain for our trip to Utah.  It made the wait easier for Jaxson :).

We made a path that went from the Kids' room to the living room.  They loved running back and forth on the puzzle pieces.

Mega Block Mom and Mega Block Jaxson

Jaxson loved pushing Kiah around in this little cart at King Soopers

We went to the zoo with friends.  Jaxson, Emma, and Dixie spent most of the time holding hands, which was nice for us momma's to keep them close :).

Kiah wanted to join the cool kids, but she kept falling and slowing them down...

So Edith helped her out :)

We tried painting with clothespins and cotton balls, feathers, ect.  It turned out pretty great!


Kiah found that the best way to paint though was with her fingers

Pretending to ride in an airplane to Utah!

Play-Doh mustache!

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