Sunday, May 1, 2016

Random in March

Playing at the library with friends

Preston and Tyson watched the kids while I took Emily out to dinner for her birthday.  We had such a fun time chatting without interruption and dealing with messy crazy kids :).  We love the Roundy's and are so glad we've stayed friends after we moved!

These kids love ice cream!

Just a typical morning getting ready in the bathroom :)

We had a crazy snow storm in March.  One of the maintenance guys out plowing at Tyson's work had to help push the Prius out of the parking spot.  This is why Grandma Cook's flight was cancelled...

There should not be snow on my Spring wreath!!!

Kiah loves painting this cow at the children's museum :)

While I was cleaning up the kitchen, Kiah dug through the trash and found this IHOP pancake we had thrown away earlier that day and ate it like a little puppy :)

At the Zoo with friends

We found this super cute Minnie Mouse outfit at Walmart for Kiah.  She loves it and loves getting all dressed up!

I'm so proud of this cute box I made for our "Mickey Van" to hold all the random stuff that always ends up in there

Eating a marshmallow while looking like a crazy person at Golden Coral

Cute outfit, grumpy girl

I brought Jaxson in from church asleep and he stayed asleep on me for 20 minutes.  I loved the snuggles, but I was really afraid he was going to pee on me...

A random shopping cart made their park day that much more enjoyable :)

Easter egg bath!

Bath bums!

Trying on a cowgirl hat at the dollar store

Animal museum with Amelia

We babysit Amelia 4 days a week.  Kiah and Amelia are a year apart, but good friends!

Coloring during conference

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