Sunday, May 1, 2016


Tyson was sick with a stomach bug on Easter, but we still got to celebrate this beautiful holiday with Grandma and adorable Easter outfits!

We decorated eggs Friday night.  The kids loved all of the different colors.

Kiah loved putting the eggs in the dye, but it was so stressful getting her to not make a huge mess :)

Easter bunny basket Saturday morning

Sunday we tried to focus the holiday on Christ and His resurrection.  We dipped marshmallows in melted butter and cinnamon sugar and wrapped them in a croissant roll.  When they were cooked, the marshmallow melted making the roll empty, representing the empty tomb of the Savior.  The rolls were really yummy and Jaxson started to understand the resurrection.  I'd definitely say this tradition is a keeper! 

Jaxson didn't like rolling the marshmallow in the butter, but Kiah didn't mind the messiness :)

My handsome boy!

My beautiful baby girl

I know that my Savior lives, and because He lives we can live again and be with our families forever :)

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