Sunday, May 1, 2016

Grandma Cook's Visit

Grandma Cook came to visit for a few days in March.  We had the snowiest day when she was supposed to fly in so her flight was canceled, but she was able to get a flight for the next day.  Even though her trip was a day short, we all still had a great time while she was here!

Picking Grandma up from the airport

Opening presents from Grandma.  Jaxson loves his Dino Trux toys and Kiah loves her Sky pup.

We went to the Children's Museum and had a blast playing with Grandma

Jaxson and Dad built this car out of recycled materials

We went to see Zootpia (or according to Jaxson, "Zootopio") at the movie theatre.  The kids did so good and loved the movie!

Tyson made Jaxson this awesome sword and shield.  This is Jaxson's face for when the bad guys come.

Going to Women's Conference

Jaxson fell asleep while we were gone

Kissy Face!!!

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