Monday, July 13, 2015

Alaska Part 2

We went zip lining in the beautiful forests of Ketchikan.  It was very exhilarating and a little scary :). 

Swimming and doing crazy flips (dad) at Bugge beach

Shea and Andrew being beached whales because they were cold

Me and mom chilling on the beach because swimming in freezing Alaska water is crazy!

Tyson skipping rocks, because that is what he did whenever we were around water :)

Beautiful Alaskan sunset

Visiting the totem poles at Totem Bight.  There are two Indian tribes in Ketchikan, so there are a lot of totem poles on the island.

There were so many cool creatures on the beach.  These crabs are covered in moss.

We walked around ward lake and found a fun rope swing
This picture was taken right before the rope snapped and Tyson fell hard on his bum.  He was fine, just a super colorful arm a few days later :)

And to add to the fun, he ripped his pants getting into the tree to get on the rope swing :)

We went on a lot of beautiful hikes and walks

On the fourth of July we went to a lumberjack competition

Lumberjacks competing in the pole climb

Junior lumberjacks competing in the log roll

I love my mom and sister!

And my brothers and dad!

Five eagles in a tree.  We saw eagles all the time, it was really neat.

There are a lot of black bear on the island, and we were able to see one!  This picture is neat because there is an eagle in the background as well.
We had such an amazing time on this beautiful island.

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