Thursday, September 12, 2013

Visit to Utah

In August, Tyson had about 2 weeks in between his internship ending and school starting.  So we drove to Utah :).  We had fun being with family and the main reason we went was Tom and Laura's wedding :).

Chowin down on an apple 

Kamo wants a bite :) 

Learning how to crawl up and down a step  

Jaxson had a tough decision to make between carrying around Teddy and the marker-problem solved

While in Utah, we attended the sealing of Tyson's friends from High School, Chandler and Allie Durant.  While in the temple, we found out that Tyson's old roommate, Ron Dale, was getting married that same day and time.  We found out when the reception was and were able to attend :).

 Ron and Rosario's reception.  Ruffles and necklaces are just asking for trouble with Jaxson :).

Jaxson and Aunt Kenna! 
Grandpa and Grandma Cook got Jaxson two flap books, he loves them!

 While we were there, we were able to celebrate Grandpa's 50th birthday!
 I can't say we weren't encouraging the poor kid to eat the outside of the cantaloupe :)

Washing potatoes for the wedding dinner!

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