Thursday, September 12, 2013

Randomness From August

After we came back from Utah life slowed back down, then sped up again as Tyson started his last semester in graduate school, working at IHS part time, and I went back to chasing our little munchkin around all day.  Life is busy, but life is good.  Here are some random pictures from August.

At the beginning of August, we went to a Real vs. CO Rapids soccer game here in Denver.  It was a lot of fun, but pretty loud for our little guy (hence the hat to block out some noise).   

I can't get over those big blue eyes :) 

I had to document how Jaxson sits with his little feet crossed, he does it a lot 

This kid is a multi-tasker.  He can still use both hands to play in the Tupperware drawer while chewing on his teething ring :)
Jaxson LOVES bananas.  And sometimes he likes Cheerios, it depends on the week :)

Our cute little boy with a faux hawk 

 Helping Daddy fix the stroller

Watching something sports related with Daddy.  Notice how Jaxson is holding the remote...this boy loves technology too much already :)

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