Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bear Lake

After the wedding, we headed up to Bear Lake to spend the weekend with my family at the cabin.  They've been installing new windows and painting the cabin, so we worked a lot but we also played and had fun :)

We played a game where Jaxson would throw the ball down to Grandpa Robert, then he would throw it back up :) 

 Tyson chopping wood for the winter
Tyson and Greg working on one of the windows
Hanging out at the Bear Lake West pool 

 Jaxson LOVES being outside.  Above: Jaxson about to eat a rock  Below: Jaxson with dirt and grass around him and dirt on his face

Just hanging out in a basket of shoes :) 

On Sunday we drove and hiked to a lake, it was beautiful!  Somehow while we were admiring the beauty around us, Jaxson's pants came off, then his diaper...

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