Thursday, February 16, 2017


We had a couple of Baskin Robins trips this month.  Kiah love the bubblegum ice cream because it is pink.  She can't chew gum yet, so she just spits them into a napkin when she finds a piece :).

The kids love their Halloween shirts from Grandma and Grandpa Cook!

Kiah had a stomach bug conference weekend.  I wasn't glad she was sick, but it was nice that all she felt like doing was lying around.

Some other conference shenanigans, pipe cleaner clothes for the animals

Looking for costumes at Goodwill

Toddler tantrums

Making pancakes at the children's museum

If looks could kill....

A fun new activity (that I've been wanting to try for over 2 years now).  Spider web cotton ball toss.

Around 8 months pregnant

Preschool bird fun

Crazy fashions

Halloween party for preschool

Beautiful flowers from Tyson and a beautiful table runner from my mom :)

Getting messy with shaving cream!

Kiah did not want to take off her kitty ears on the way home from Colorado Springs

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