Thursday, February 16, 2017


It was time to (finally) get rid of the binkies.  So we took Kiah to Build a Bear to pick out an animal to hopefully make the transition easier.  She picked a cat and named it kitty purple :)

Around 37 weeks pregnant

Melting frozen dinosaur eggs for preschool

Hat day for preschool

Jaxson decorated a pumpkin at a birthday party

Our thankful tree and countdown chain to go to the cabin with the Cook side

The kids were so excited to spend Thanksgiving with family

It was so fun hearing what everyone was thankful for each night.  Some of Jaxson's were pretty deep this year.

At Jaxson's 4 year wellness appointment I answered no when asked if Jaxson could draw figures with 2 or more features.  I came home to find these drawings on his whiteboard, guess I was wrong!

Two of my favorites from Jaxson's thankful book from preschool

Enjoying beautiful November sunshine

We had an amniotic fluid scare and I was in the hospital for a night to get my fluid levels at a safe spot.  The kids hung out and watched a movie while Tyson went to mutual.  It was a little scary, but everything turned out fine!

"Helping" me with laundry

Playing doctor with stuff I found around the house

Our good friends the Roundy's moved to North Carolina this summer.  Lucky for us they have grandparents not to far from us so when they came to visit for Thanksgiving we were able to meet up at the children's museum! 

I hope Jaxson and Reese get married :)

Me and Emily

Decorating for Christmas

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