Friday, July 15, 2016


The day after we returned from Utah, Jaxson read my mind about wanting to sort through their clothes to put winter up and get summer out.  He just had a different method of doing it which included dumping out all of their clothes...

Splash pad with Amelia, the little girl we babysit

I took the kids to Krispy Kreme for free donut day.  The kids were troopers in the long line and loved watching how donuts are made.

We ate our donuts in the van because Krispy Kreme was so crowded.

Our local library had a summer reading kickoff with a petting zoo which the kids loved!

Kiah wasn't so sure about that horse :)

Jaxson was so excited that they had a zebra at the petting zoo... like any curious child he stuck his hand in the cage, and like any naïve mom taking pictures I ignored the fact that this is a wild animal... the zebra proceeded to nibble on Jaxson's arm.  Jaxson was totally fine, just super traumatized.  I think we both learned a valuable lesson about sticking our hands in animal cages.

We bought Kiah a bike helmet and she was so obsessed with it she begged to have it put on, tag and all :).

Learning how to ride a strider bike

She's still super slow, even slower than walking, but she loves it and will hopefully get the hang of it soon!

Helping dad build a stool

First swim of the season

I let the kids each pack a back pack the last time I took them visiting teaching with me.  I put a couple of things in, but they stuffed those puppies full.  Kiah might of almost tipped over a couple of times :).

Tyson and I refuse to let Jaxson have a fart gun, but every time we go to Walmart he loves to play with it and I go down the next aisle so no one knows he's my child :).

I leave the table for one minute and she's painting with yogurt...

Jaxson loves rolly polly bugs and one day we found 4 inside of our house, he was in heaven!

Jaxson does quiet time each day where he can choose to take a nap or play.  Sometimes he falls asleep watching his clock minutes before the clock says he can get out.

Playing with baby dolls and being goofs

Kiah is really bad at negotiating, and really stubborn.  She sat here for 20 minutes with the rule that she had to eat one green bean before she could eat a cookie.  The green bean won.

In the space of 2 weeks I had a bad cold, and both of the kids had hand foot and mouth where they each had to be quarantined for a week.  My mom sent me an edible arrangement and Jaxson was absolutely thrilled, as was I :).

Tyson took Jaxson to Chuck-E-Cheese and Wendy's for a daddy son date.  They had a blast!

During the week and a half of quarantine we went to a nearby sandbar away from people and let the kids get out of the house for a bit.  They found a couple of frogs which Jaxson just loved.

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