Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fourth of July

We had a great Fourth of July this year.  We went to the ward pancake breakfast in the morning, complete with a wonderful message and bike parade.  After that we took the kids swimming at H2Obrien pool in Parker.  In the evening we went to Salisbury Park in Parker where they had a bunch of booths set up and activities for the kids.  We ended the evening by watching fireworks at the park.  The kids did so good staying up past bed time and the beautiful fireworks were so worth it. 

Getting ready for the parade, Jaxson was so excited.

Kiah never made it into the parade, but it would have taken her a really long time so that's ok :).

The kids had so much fun at the swim park!  Jaxson loved swimming in the deep end with Dad, and Kiah loved being able to walk into the water and float in the shallow end.

The kids got otter pops from a booth which was nice because it was so hot when we first got to the park.

Jaxson loved the bounce house's.  Kiah tired a couple of times, but was too chicken.

Jaxson also loved the inflatable slide and braved the long line twice to ride it

Tyson and Jaxson found the tree they planted at this park for Arbor day last year, it's still growing strong!

I love this family of mine!

By the time we left the park it was around 10.  Sweet girl fell asleep with her American flags and potato chips in hand :).

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