Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random in October

Snuggling on Jaxson's bed

Eating crepes for mom's birthday breakfast

Playing with some Halloween clings Grandma Cook got them

Cute Halloween outfits

Photography by Jaxson

This activity kept him busy for a good chunk of conference, until Kiah woke up anyways :)

Hanging out at church

Kiah's 15 month check-up, she's getting so big!

Watching TV together

I grabbed one of Tysons shirts out of the dryer after the baby I watch spit up on me.  When Jaxson noticed he said "Hey! Why are you pretending to be dad!?"

Jaxson has been transitioning out of naps, but sometimes he gets so sleepy he falls asleep eating a snack :)

I can't remember why the kids were so upset, but it was one of those moments you just have to laugh and take a picture :)

Squish face

Playdoh fingers

Kiah's still working on not eating the playdoh

Sour strawberry

Best friends :)

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