Sunday, November 8, 2015


Some of these pictures are of the festivities in preparation for Halloween, and then there are some from our actual Halloween night.
Decorating pumpkins

Attempting to roll the pumpkin off the table

This picture makes it seem like Kiah was an angel while decorating, but seconds after I took this picture she had the marker in her mouth and all over her hands...

Jaxson had a lot of fun painting his pumpkin

Imitating the pumpkin face he made

We went to a friends house for a Halloween party and decorated Halloween cookies

Kiah ate the decorating candy

We took the kids trick or treating on Main Street in Parker.  They have an annual trick or treating event where the street is blocked off and there are booths with people handing out candy. 

Kiah screamed for about the last 15 minutes of trick or treating because she was having candy withdrawals, but overall is a great Halloween!

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