Monday, October 5, 2015

Random in September

Swimming at our apartment pool

Jaxson has become much more brave in the swimming pool over the summer.  He was climbing up the side by himself and jumping to Tyson over and over.

Fat face

Silly face

We were making a grocery list and Jaxson contributed milk and popcorn.  He came back to me after awhile and said "Kiah had a great idea!  She thinks we should get donuts!"  Tyson and Jaxson followed through on that idea and made one happy little boy :).

Jaxson loves it when he wakes up early and we are exercising.  He's about as good as me at P90X :).
Jaxson always finds the biggest sticks he can when we are outside

Playing with Dixie at the park

We went to the Wildlife Museum with friends.  This screen projects on the ground and has moving fish.  The kids were really good at scaring them away :).

Jaxson was excited to take a picture by the porcupine

Watching the worker feed the fish

Being a tiger with his friend Jackson
Balloon hair

The kids love to play with water and ice on the porch

We went to the zoo with our friends Emily, Reesie girl, and Baby Bailey

Tyson got free tickets to a Broncos preseason game and went with a friend

They were thrilled to have such big suckers

This is really dark and blurry, but I want to remember this fun outdoor movie night we went to.  Kiah fell asleep on Tyson and Jaxson cuddled with me as we watched Big Hero 6 on a blanket :).

Playing in a tunnel at the park

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