Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jaxson's Birthday

Jaxson turned 3!!!  Jaxson is smart, funny, kind, silly, and a sweetheart.  He loves reading books, riding his bike and doing ninja moves to fight bad guys.  He is the best 3 year old I know, and I'm proud to be his mom.  Jaxson loved celebrating his birthday and had to be reminded multiple times the next day that it was over :).

For his birthday breakfast we had pancakes and eggs, and of course chocolate milk :)

Waiting patiently to open presents so I can take a picture :)

Opening his cards from Grandma Zee and my family

Lightning Mcqueen backpack

Kiah loved helping

Paw Patrol matching game

A spelling game

Getting ready to go out in the rain to go to the Wildlife Museum with friends

We had a little party with his friends Dixie, Wendy, and Tristan and their siblings and mom's.  The kids had fun playing with balloons and eating birthday goodies.

We love our sweet 3 year old!!!

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