Saturday, September 12, 2015

Random in August

She was so thrilled to be eating a whole banana for the first time

Jaxson's friend Tristan had a pirate themed birthday party.  The kids got Pirate necklaces, an eye patch, and a princess crown.

Grandma Cook made this beautiful dress for Kiah

Naptime has been a little bit of a struggle lately, so I am willing to try anything to get Jaxson to sleep :)

Kiah got to eat a sucker for the first time and was in heaven

Then she went and ate chalk :)

The kids love playing with squirt guns and squirt bottles outside

Kiah won't really sit and watch TV yet, but this was her reaction when there was a puppy show on :)
Playing in the tunnel at the park

Playing with Reese at an indoor swimming pool

Watching Paw Patrol together

Silly double binky girl

Everything's more fun with a party hat on

Jaxon opened up a diaper box and started driving around in his new car :)

I love these goofy kids :)

Kiah's really into feeding herself lately.  Super cute, but super messy :).

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